Misc: Pictures/Zaps/Logo's

  • adg.jpg
    Pratt & Whitney F100 - 25 Years of Active Service 1974-1999 (P&W Graphic)
  • adh.jpg
    F-16 Block 42 Re-Engining
  • adi.jpg
    138FW Oklahoma Air National Guard
  • adj.jpg
    Fighting 612th Aircraft Decal (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • adm.jpg
    General Dynamics Fort Worth Division 50th Anniversary Air Force Plant No.4 Decal (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • adn.jpg
    Pakistan Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Decal (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • ado.jpg
    419th TFW - AFRES, Beyond The Ordinary Decal (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • adp.jpg
    The RNLAF Maple Flag 2005 badge (drawing). About 200 badges will be ordered and will be given to the Dutch militairy personal at Maple Flag next week.
  • adq.jpg
    Original art work for the VF-126 'The Bad Guy' patch done by Donald Goins in 1983 and 200 were manufactured. (Art donated by Donald Goins)
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  • ads.jpg
    RNLAF 322 Sqn F-16 Solo Display sticker (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • adv.jpg
    F-16 Implementation Group Polish Air Force HQ
  • adw.gif
    2nd AF Command 5th, 8th ABs (Collection Otto)
  • adx
    4th AB (Collection Otto)
  • ady.gif
    5th AB (Collection Otto)