US Air National Guard F-16 Patches

  • ajy.jpg
    134th FS 20th anniversary operations of the F-16 with Vermont flag background. (Jon Somerville collection)
  • ajx.jpg
    134th FS 20th anniversary operations of the F-16 with US flag background. UNAUTHORIZED VERSION (Jon Somerville collection)
  • abi.jpg
    158th FW Operation Noble Eagle - First To Defend (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aac.jpg
    134th FS, 182nd FS, 177th FS, Operation Southern Watch 2000 (unknown collection)
  • ade.jpg
    136th FIS New York's Finest; Bird over Lightning (Terence John Walton collection)
  • add.jpg
    136th FIS (Unknown collection)
  • ado.jpg
    136th FIS AIR SUPERIORITY ADF-16 Niagara Falls (Unknown collection)
  • acc.jpg
    107th FIG Det 1 Alert Bums New York Air National Guard. (Terence John Walton collection)
  • abq.jpg
    136 FIS ADF-16 Air Superiority (Terence John Walton collection)
  • aij.jpg
    138th FS Swirl (Jon Somerville collection)
  • adm.jpg
    138th FS F-16 Fighting Falcon Syracuse (Ludo De Beuckeleer collection)
  • aep.jpg
    138th FS Fastass CAS 'The boys from Syacuse'. (unknown collection)
  • ais.jpg
    138th TFS, The Boys from Syracuse - Always Chasing Tail (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aby.jpg
    138th FS The Boys From Syracuse; Diamond (Terence John Walton collection)
  • ajl.jpg
    138th FS 'Syracuse' - (Asif Shamim Collection)