US Air National Guard F-16 Patches

  • aei.jpg
    125th FS - F-16C TULSA VIPERS (Gerald McMasters Collection)
  • ajs.jpg
    125th FS 1000 hours patch (Jon Somerville Collection)
  • adb.jpg
    127th TFS Jayhawks (Unknown collection)
  • afw.jpg
    127th FS (Jon Somerville collection)
  • agn.jpg
    127th TFS 50th Anniversary shared with the 127th Observation Squadron (Jon Somerville collection)
  • adw.jpg
    134 TFS Vermont ANG (Rick Versteeg collection)
  • ael.jpg
    134th FS Vermont F-16
  • aem.jpg
    134th FS Vermont ANG (unknown collection)
  • abx.jpg
    134th FS Vermont (Ludo De Beuckeleer collection)
  • ajh.jpg
    134th FS aircraft patch (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aam.jpg
    134th FS - Check Six Omar... Green Mountain Boys On Your Tail (Jon Somerville collection)
  • ajb.jpg
    134th FS Vermont ANG, OSW - The Heat Is On (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • acl.jpg
    134th FS Vermont ANG F-16 Fighting Falcon Swirl (Ludo De Beuckeleer collection)
  • adj.jpg
    134th FS F-16 Fighting Falcon Vermont ANG [Ludo De Beuckeleer collection]
  • acm.jpg
    134th FS Vermont ANG F-16 Fighting Falcon (Ludo De Beuckeleer collection)