Illustrations by Rehan Siraj

  • turkishtigers.jpg
    Painting titled "The Turkish Tigers" depicts a pair of F-16Cs flying over Turkey. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • F-16_Bombing.jpg
    Painting titled 'The Bombing Falcons' depicts a pair of Pakistani F-16s from 9 Sqn dropping ordnance on a desert range. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Desert_Falcon_for_UAE.jpg
    Painting titled 'The Desert Falcon' depicts a F-16E block 60 flying over the UAE. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • mission_accomplished.jpg
    Painting titled 'Falcon's Landing' depicts a Pakistani F-16s return to Mushaf Airbase Sargodha. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Falcon_s_Deadly_Stroke.jpg
    Painting titled 'Falcon's Deadly Stroke' depicts a PAF F-16 shooting down an intruding SU-22 over Thal, Pakistan, during the Afghan War. The pilot of the ill-fated Sukhoi ejected and was captured. The date was November 3rd, 1988. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Falcon-With-More-Power.jpg
    Painting titled 'Falcon With More Power' depicts a F-16C block 52 in Pakistani markings flying over Punjab, Pakistan. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • The_Pharaoh_Falcon.jpg
    Painting titled 'The Pharaoh's Falcon' depicts a Egyptian F-16C flying over the pyramids. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Griffins_At_Anatolian_Eagle.jpg
    Painting titled 'Griffins At Anatolian Eagle' depicts a Pakistani F-16 from 9 sqn flying a sortie during Anatolian Eagle 2004 held in Turkey. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Together_We_re_Strong.jpg
    Painting titled 'Together We Are Strong' depicts a Pakistani F-16 from 11 sqn flying along side a Royal Saudi Airforce F-15. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • 11_Sqn_1.jpg
    Painting titled 'The Top Gun Sqn' depicts a Pakistani F-16 from 11 sqn flying a sortie over the Himalayan mountains. The sqn won the 'Top Gun Trophy' for the Assessment of Combat Efficiency of Squadrons (ACES) three years in a row 1993, 1994 & 1995. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • TheMigKiller.jpg
    Painting titled 'The Mig-Killer' depicts a PAF F-16, shooting down two Afghan Mig-23s over Nawagai area (South of Chitral, Pakistan) during the Afghan war. The encounter took place on September 12th, 1988. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Formation.jpg
    Painting titled 'Falcon Thunder' depicts a Pakistani F-16 from 9 Sqn accompanying a newly inducted JF-17 Thunder over Northern Punjab. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Kill.jpg
    Painting titled 'Departing the kill' depicting a PAF F-16 from 11 sqn carrying out a precision attack against a enemy target. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Block-52s arrive in Pakistan.jpg
    Painting of the first block 52s arriving in Pakistan. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Inspired Alert 2.jpg
    Inspired Alert 1997 - The painting depicts a PAF F-16B flying with a USN F-14D over the coastal area near the city of Karachi. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]