Illustrations by Rehan Siraj

  • Kill.jpg
    Painting titled 'Departing the kill' depicting a PAF F-16 from 11 sqn carrying out a precision attack against a enemy target. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Block-52s arrive in Pakistan.jpg
    Painting of the first block 52s arriving in Pakistan. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Inspired Alert 2.jpg
    Inspired Alert 1997 - The painting depicts a PAF F-16B flying with a USN F-14D over the coastal area near the city of Karachi. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Falcon landing.jpg
    Seconds before Touch down - The painting depicts an F-16 landing at a forward airbase during Operation Sentinel. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Griffins at Red Flag copy.jpg
    Griffins at Red Flag - The painting depicts PAF F-16Bs from 9 Sqn ready to take from Nellis AFB for another sortie during Exercise Red Flag during July 2010. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]
  • Image423 copy.jpg
    New born Falcon lifts off - The painting depicts a newly built F-16D block 52 for Pakistan taking off from Fort Worth for a check flight. [Illustration by Rehan Siraj]