India and the F-35?

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Unread post06 Jan 2021, 20:56

milosh wrote:
So when US stop selling weapons to Pakistan, India and US could became lot closer.

we already sell to both, don't know why we have to pick all of the sudden. If India wants to keep burdening itself with russian garbage and French flavored promises thats fine with me. if not they know who to call.

Btw it is US which wanted to sanctioned India because it is buying russian weapons to defend itself from Pakistan and China not long ago.

yes and not long ago we were bombing Serbs. Good times never last I guess.

The indians could be flying around more super hornets than they would know what to do with if they hadn't fallen for the Dassault scam with MCRA. many times on many occasions we've offered and they've accepted or declined but make no mistake the bar has been open for nearly any drink they could desire.

You Americans need to stop acting like world is still spinning around you, it doesn't. You need India and even Russia lot more then they need you, of course if you want to have any chance in stopping China.

for a guy lecturing on current events you sure missed the fact that india bought 20 billion dollars worth of weapons from us and the numbers are only rising, and it didn't require us cutting Pakistan off to do it.

if they ever want to cash out those trash flankers some F-15EX would do nicely no doubt.
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Unread post14 Jan 2021, 05:57

P'raps we know why there will be an uptick in US/western weapon (F-35?) selling to INDIA for previously secret reason:
Secret Pacific Strategy Called for Stronger India to Counter China
13 Jan 2021 John A. Tirpak

"The Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, declassified Jan. 13, seeks to promote India’s military and economic strength as a counter to China, while trying to keep traditional U.S. regional allies in the fold. It revolves around blunting China’s rising influence, and aims to bolster the militaries of Australia, India, Japan, and South Korea with better arms, intelligence sharing, and common research and development, while getting those countries to shoulder a greater share of the Indo-Pacific defense burden....

...The strategy recommends strengthening the militaries of Australia, India, Japan, and Korea with increased arms sales and arms development cooperation. It also seeks a greater out-of-area role for both Japan and Korea, whose defense forces largely restrict themselves to domestic defense. Japan, particularly, will be encouraged to become “regionally integrated” as a “technologically advanced pillar” of the Indo-Pacific security architecture.

The U.S. aims for a “quadrilateral security framework” with the U.S., India, Japan, and Australia as the “principal hubs,” seeking particularly a “modernization of Japan’s Self-Defense Force.” The U.S. also seeks to reinvigorate alliances with the Philippines and Thailand, to “strengthen their role in upholding a rules-based order.” It sees Myanmar—which the strategy refers to by its old name of Burma—as becoming a potential ally as well, promoting and supporting that country’s “transition to democracy.”...

...Strengthening India is a common theme of the strategy, aiming to “accelerate India’s rise,” so that it becomes a “net provider of security and a major defense partner.” A “strong Indian military” should be able to “effectively collaborate” with the U.S., and its ground forces can provide a strong counter to China. The strategy says the U.S. wants to “expand our defense trade” with India and transfer technology to it that will enhance its capabilities as an ally.

Toward that end, the U.S. wants to help India engage militarily “beyond the Indian Ocean,” and assist its efforts toward “domestic economic reform.” The U.S. plans to provide military, diplomatic, and intelligence assistance to India, to help with “border disputes with China and access to water, including the Brahmaputra and other rivers facing diversion by China.” The U.S. would work with India and Japan to finance projects that “enhance regional connectivity between India and countries of the region.”..."

Source: ... ter-china/
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Unread post14 Jan 2021, 07:52

I wouldn't expect to see the Biden Plan to be much different..... :wink:

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