Israel Pays for Additional F-35s

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Unread post12 Feb 2021, 14:34

madrat wrote:I thought F-15EX used upgraded actuators compared to previous F-15E, to maybe meet FCS work. F-15I to F-15IA sounds like a radical SLEP of wings and wiring.

This is a fair point.

Are the Israeli's really talking about buying new F-15EX's, or just juicing up their F-15I to an IA standard? I'd think with a warm production line, buying brand new would be more logical... but I guess it depends what they need it for.
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Unread post13 Feb 2021, 02:37

OLD news with detail I don't recall seeing (testing bit).
Israel Plans Conformal Tanks for ADIR
Jun 2019 Combat Aircraft

"ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES (IAI) and Elbit Systems are reportedly developing auxiliary fuel tanks for the Israeli Air Force's (IAF's) F-35I Adir fighters. The former company [IAI] is developing conformal tanks that will have minimal effects on the fighter's stealth capabilities. Elbit is separately developing a 425-gallon (1,609-liter) underwing external fuel tank. Testing is scheduled to begin after a dedicated F-35 test aircraft is delivered to the IAF in 2020."

Source: COMBAT Aircraft Magazine June 2019 Volume 20 Number 6
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The IAF recieved today green light to order another 25 Adir's (F-35i) + 4 new KC-46A + munitions. ... 2021-02-16

No decision yet about replacing the aging CH-53 with CH-53K or CH-47 and ordering 25 new F-15EX (the Israeli marking is F-15IA)
Thus will bring the Israeli F-35i inventory to 75 (3 squadrons)


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About time....

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