F-16 versus X - Ace Combat 6 might be a good way to find out

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Unread post17 Dec 2009, 17:03

Dear hardcore xbox live ace combat hardcore guy,

The guys here are snickering at you, but do understand them, as half the people here are airmen, and the other half probably have built 10 000 dollar cockpits for their flight sim hobby. While they mash buttons in ace combat for the fun of it, they have no real interest in an arcade turn around randomly and shoot randomly space invaders game with real plane models.

Their interest and passion is in aerial warfare, air combat maneuvering (the REAL kind, as in the kind with lag pursuit and lead pursuit and defensive spirals and energy fighting/anglefighting maneuveres, not the kind where you press down on your hardcore xbox console stick until your bandit turns into view and then press the X button to shoot)

Your original point was that Ace Combat would be a good way to find out how F-16s stack up against other planes. People here know the F-16's avonics one by one inside out wire by wire switch by switch. Please do understand that they will snicker and laugh at the idea of using a space invader game as a source of information, as they have much more.....reliable sources of information.

After all, for some here, knowing how F-16 stack up against other planes could be the difference between coming back to greet their wives wearing medals, or coming back to greet their wives in a coffin.

And yes, Ace Combat is a space invader game, compared to what people do here in this community. There is a much bigger flying world out there, chuck your Ace Combat, and learn some real world tactics that demand logic, understanding, patience and skill.

"Well it features realistic gravity. Realistic thrust. Its not as realistic as falcon 4.0, but its more than what you described."

I'm sorry to hit it, do a bit of real research and watch some documentaries. History channel Dogfights is a good point to start. It's not more than what he described, the realism of Ace Combat is LESS than what he described. Claiming that you are good at the game is as stupid as claiming you are good at brushing your teeth.

Sure, you might be better than some real life pilots at playing Ace Combat 6. But trust me when I say you'll never beat them at brushing teeth.


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Dude like it was said before just let this post die...the more you respond to it the most the 12 years olds are going to try and argue it. I agree 100% with everything you say, I worked on vipers and it is insulting to think that a video games is used as comparison, but we need to let this one die...........


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Geaux Saints!!!


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banken wrote:Ace Combat isn't a sim. It's an action game with planes.

Unless you think an F-22 can really carry 40 AMRAAMs.







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Swing by the Il2 1946 servers, you should be able to find one that has Korean War era jets.
Try that instead.
It at least tries to model G's, lift, drag, acceleration, and ballistics with some semblance of reality.
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Haha, nice one! :lol:

...good Lord, he's serious :shock: . OK, the faith I have in my generation just dropped off completely. If you want a rough approximation of a Viper's capability versus other aircraft, my suggestion to you would be to buy Falcon or Lock On FC2. I only have FC2, and that game has one of the best mission editors I have seen, ever. You could pit the Viper(s) with ANY COMPATIBLE WEAPONS against Flankers, Mirages, Fulcrums, etc. with whatever weapons are compatible with that aircraft, in whatever air defense environment you want, any weather conditions, in almost any terrain. So try that.

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