F-16 Radar Missile development (AIM-7)

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mixelflick wrote:We often hear that the F-35 is a 9g, Mach 1.6 capable airframe even WITH full internal fuel/weapon load.

But what does this really mean? My gut tells me that in that configuration, it does NOT have the same sprightly acceleration, may not be capable of greater than 50 degree AOA, pedal turns etc.. It's simple physics. A heavier aircraft is going to have a much lower thrust to weight ratio, thus affecting many of those parameters.

Is this correct?

It's not just the F-35 though, this would be true of all airframes. Flankers included. In fact, it's going to be worse there with what, 25,000lbs of internal fuel in some cases? The F-35 cadre probably isn't too worried, given its massive SA, stealth and EW advantages over other jets...

Ability to fly at high angles of attack is about aerodynamics, weight has practically nothing to do with it. F-35 is very capable of very high angles of attack at any internal load, and probably at almost any external load.

Actually, the heavier load the plane has, the higher angle-of-attack it WILL by flying on average, because at heavier load, plane needs more lift, and that lift is achieved by using higher AoA.


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Other airplanes, carrying underwing heavy weapons, will suffer significant handling quality degradation when fully loaded, made worse by partial downloads resulting in lateral asymmetry. F-35, with with internal stores close to the centerline, should not be bothered by such limitations.


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Can a Block 70 Viper launch the latest version of AMRAAM- 120 D's ? if not why ?


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No, but not due to technical reasons. The Block 70 is a development of the F-16V for India, and the F-21 is a Block 70 <b>built in</b> India. India does not operate the AIM-120 series of missiles. Therefor, the neither the Block 70 or F-21 can for any AMRAAM. AFAIK only the US, UK, and Australians have the AIM-120D.

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The "F-16V Block 70/72" is an expansion on the "F-16IN" that was offered to India. The F-16V is AIM-120D compatible.

https://www.lockheedmartin.com/content/ ... ec-Sum.pdf

Still looking to see what the "F-16IN" was cleared for as it was "shown" with AMRAAMs.
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