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301st FS to transfer to Holloman AFB

June 8, 2008 (by TSgt. Susan Stout) - The Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley announced June 6 the plan to transfer the flag of the Air Force Reserve's 301st FS from here to form a classic associate unit with the 7th and 8th FS's at Holloman AFB.

301st FS unit patch used by Sqn when flying the F-16

More than 400 people gathered to witness the future of the 49th Fighter Wing at Holloman AFB as the first two F-22A Raptors were officially welcomed during the F-22A Arrival and Total Force Integration Announcement Ceremony.

"Today we open another chapter in our long-term plan for providing Air Force capabilities to the nation for meeting 21st Century security threats," General Moseley said. "As you know, this past year we retired the last of our 59 F-117 Nighthawks that have served our nation so well over the years."

The general said it's time for a new generation of fighters to take the place of the Nighthawks.

"We're replacing them with vastly more capable Raptors," he said.

General Bradley also spoke at the ceremony.

"The significance of the F-22 coming to Holloman is that we need to have our air superiority fighters ready to deploy anywhere in the world at a moment's notice," said General Bradley. "We have an F-22 fighter base in the Eastern part of the United States at Langley Air Force Base, Va., and now on the west coast so we can deploy across the Pacific if needed."

The Air Force Reserve chief also talked about the importance of the Raptor as it relates to helping our sister services, further increasing our chances of winning today's war.

"It will provide air supremacy and air dominance for our Soldiers and Marines fighting on the ground," he said. "We will prevent them from being attacked from the air."

The 944th Operations Group commander, Col. Donald Lindberg, will transition to Holloman in July to become the 44th Fighter Group commander there. Prior to taking the position as 944th Operations Group commander, Colonel Lindberg commanded the 302nd Fighter Squadron. Also an Original Tuskegee Airmen squadron from World War II, the 302nd Fighter Squadron transitioned from Luke Air Force Base to Elemendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, in October 2007 to be the first Reserve F-22 associate program.

Portions courtesy of 49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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