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Scott O'Grady sues over movie

August 21, 2002 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Scott O'Grady, a downed U.S. pilot who emerged as a hero after escaping from Bosnia, has sued 20th Century Fox and the Discovery Channel, claiming they made unauthorized productions of his ordeal.
Scott O'Grady alleges the commercial value of his name and identity have been damaged irreparably by the 2001 movie "Behind Enemy Lines".

"Captain O'Grady was also troubled that the `hero' in the Fox movie used foul language, was portrayed as a `hot dog' type pilot, and disobeyed orders, unlike O'Grady," according to the lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Texarkana.

"At the time of release, Mr. Grady's public comment acknowledged that the movie was not his story," a spokeswoman for 20th Century Fox said. "Rather, it was a story based on the concept of a public event that was turned into a movie which he acknowledged that we had the right to do."

A Discovery Channel TV show, "Behind Enemy Lines: The Scott O'Grady Story," aired several times from 1998 to 2001.