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U.S. Air Force Orders More F-16s

May 8, 2000 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The U.S. Air Force signed an order for nine more F-16s and associated Alternate Mission Equipment plus an option for one additional aircraft from Lockheed Martin. These aircraft are the first of the 30 F-16s the USAF plans to buy over the next several years as announced in the fiscal year 2000 president's budget.
The first aircraft will be delivered 24 months after contract go-ahead, in May 2002 and the expected contract completion date is September 30, 2002.

The contract value for the nine aircraft is approximately $117 million. The option is scheduled for execution at the end of August.

All 10 aircraft will be single-seat F-16C block 50 versions and will feature the latest in software and "core" avionics, including the modular mission computer and color cockpit displays and recorders. These hardware features, which will be introduced on USAF F-16s for the first time in June, are in the baseline for all future F-16s, and they will be incorporated in existing F-16s through the USAF's Block 40/50 fleet retrofit program. The aircraft also will be equipped with the APX-113 advanced interrogator/transponder electronic identification device.