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Pilot reaches 2K hours in F-16

April 27, 2018 (by SSgt. Dana Cable) - Lt. Col Nathan Aysta, 179th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron commander, has known Meek for years and presented him with the 2,000-hour flying patch after landing.

Lt. Col. Bryan 'Jaws' Meek, 179th EFS chief of weapons and tactics, poses for a photo after returning from a mission in support of Operation Inherent Resolve on April 27th, 2018. During the flight Meek reached 2,000 flying hours in the F-16. Meek is deployed from the Texas ANG located at Kelly Field IAP. [USAF photo by SSgt. Dana J. Cable]

"Jaws just flew his 2,000th hour in the F-16, which is a huge milestone for fighter pilots that takes many years of experience and training." Aysta said. "It's really neat that he gets to earn it here at this deployed location."

Not every pilot reaches this milestone; in fact, it's fairly rare to reach 2,000 hours in one single aircraft, he added.

In addition to the 2,000 hours in the F-16, Meek, a native of Liberal, Kansas, has also accumulated approximately a combined total of 1,000 hours in the T-37 Tweet, T-38 Talon and a T-6 Texan II.

After many hours in the cockpit, it was definitely a unique experience to reach this milestone while deployed, Meek added.

"He is on the tip of the spear doing the job that our nation has called us to do and to reach this milestone while he's performing a real world mission is pretty special," Aysta said.

Courtesy of 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing