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Singapore accepts first F-16C/D with color cockpit

November 29, 1999 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The first new production block 52 F-16C/D aircraft to incorporate color cockpits was delivered today to the Republic of Singapore Air Force as part of the Peace Carvin III program.
The aircraft, an F-16C, is the first of 12 new production F-16C/D aircraft for the Republic of Singapore Air Force, under an order that was announced in 1997. The delivery also marks the second batch of F-16s for the Singapore Air Force that was produced in 24 months, compressed from the typical span time of 36 months. The reduction in time span was achieved through commercial practices and lean manufacturing processes.

The new state-of-the-art F-16s will be delivered to Singapore over the next six months. The Peace Carvin III program has an estimated value of $350 million, including the aircraft, support equipment, spare parts, training, mission equipment and other associated items.

The color displays on the F-16 aircraft for Singapore are flat-panel liquid crystal displays that are a step beyond the color displays currently available in other fighter aircraft, in terms of reliability and visibility in daylight conditions. The displays were developed as part of the F-16 Mid-Life Update program for Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark for their A/B aircraft, as well as the new production block 20 aircraft for Taiwan. The U.S. Air Force will incorporate the color displays in its new production block 50 F-16s, beginning in 2000.

The Peace Carvin III program is the third buy of the F-16 for the Republic of Singapore Air Force.