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InterSense to supply IS-900 Tracking Systems

May 2, 2007 (by Asif Shamim) - InterSense Inc., have won new contracts from the L-3 Communications Link Simulation and Training division to supply helmet tracking systems for flight simulators used by both the USAF and ANG F-16 aircrews.
InterSense will deliver its hybrid IS-900 inertial-acoustic helmet tracking systems to support L-3 Link flight simulator programs for the USAF and ANG F-16 Aircrew Training Device (ATD) program.

The equipment has been selected for its ability to track continuously throughout fast motions. Positions and orientations are determined by outputs of accelerometers and gyros. The tracking systems technology is based on hybrid inertia and ultrasonic tracking. The result is the data is very smooth & jitter free.

The IS-900 Motion tracking system has been around since 1999 when it was commercially introduced after development in conjunction with the Navy SBIR program. To date, there are 500 systems in use with a majority to be found in the military arena being used in simulators and weapons training systems.

The F-16 simulator trains Air Force and ANG pilots, and supports the service's individual squadron, new student, initial, transition and continuation training programs. InterSense's IS-900 tracking system will be part of L-3 Link's SimuSphere display, which provides front line training squadrons with 360° field-of-view visual displays.

"The key to achieving military success lies in the ability to conduct realistic, real-time training and mission rehearsals for both individuals and collective teams," states Mike Donfrancesco, vice president of sales, InterSense. "Our motion tracking technology coupled with Link’s state-of-the-art training systems offer the military an advanced training, simulation and situational awareness experience that is both highly precise and extremely reliable."