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L-3 Communications to build Polish F-16 aircrew training system

July 22, 2004 (by Houston) - L-3 Communications announced that its Link Simulation and Training (Link) division has been awarded a $41 million contract to provide an F-16 Aircrew Training System to the Polish Air Force.
The contract was awarded to Link by the U.S. Air Force's Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. It calls for Link to deliver one full mission trainer, two squadron level trainers, two egress procedures trainers, instructor operator stations, computational systems and a visual system database.

In 2006, Link will deliver a full mission trainer, squadron level trainer and egress procedures trainer as Poland begins to receive its first F-16C/D Advanced block 52 aircraft from Lockheed Martin Corporation. In 2007, the Polish Air Force will receive a second squadron level trainer and egress procedures trainer from Link.

"The Polish Air Force's F-16 Aircrew Training System will be integrated with advanced Link training technologies," said David Love, vice president of business development for Link Simulation and Training. "The highly realistic training scenarios supported by this modern simulation system will enable pilots to maintain and enhance their skills in operation of this multi-role fighter aircraft."

Link will be supported on the aircrew training program by Poland's ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries organization. ETC-PZL, which has headquarters in Warsaw, will contribute to the aircrew training system's development, manufacture and support.

The F-16 Full Mission Trainer will be integrated with Link's nine-panel SimuSphere (TM) visual display, which will provide the pilot with a 360-degree field-of-view. Link's SimuView (TM) personal computer image generation system will power both out-the-window and cockpit sensor display imagery viewed by the pilot. This high fidelity trainer will be used to reinforce a full range of pilot warfighting skills, including low-level flight, formation exercises, air refueling, takeoffs and landings and emergency procedures. Pilots also will be able to acquire and identify targets and deliver a wide range of weapons during simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

The F-16 Squadron Level Trainers, which also will be integrated with SimuView and a three-panel SimuSphere visual display, will be used to support extensive procedural training to allow pilots to hone their aircraft systems operational skills and practice basic flight maneuvers.

Pilots also will practice all aspects of ground and in-flight egress, in addition to operation of life support systems, within the F-16 Egress Procedures Trainers.

The geo-specific visual database that Link will build for the F-16 Aircrew Training System will encompass the majority of Poland's sovereign borders.