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Belgo-Dutch Integrated Logistics Software supports Chilean F-16s

February 12, 2007 (by Peter Weststrate) - To support configuration and maintenance management, and logistical needs of the F-16s Chile qcquired from the Netherlands, VisionWaves implemented the Integrated Logistics software solution ILIAS.

FACh F-16BM #732 is spotted at the arrival ceremony on its new airbase B.A. Cerro Moreno in September of 2006. [Photo by Dutch MoD]

In September 2006 the Chilean Air Force (FACh) received the first six (of eighteen) F-16 jet fighters that were bought from the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Within two months after the start of the implementation, an ILIAS interim solution was in use that incorporated all requirements for basic flight safety support of the first batch of six F-16s.

Now, five months after the project initiation VisionWaves and ILIAS specialists fully implemented the ILIAS solution at Cerro Moreno Air Force Base for airworthiness support of the F-16. The implementation was supported by the On Site Support team of the Netherlands Air Force.

VisionWaves is a Dutch consulting firm with proven experience in the field of Aviation and Defence and is the preferred implementation partner of ILIAS solutions. The company offers integrated solutions to organisations worldwide, answering to the need of a more controllable management. VisionWaves has developed the Enterprise Management System, a unique Enterprise Modelling and software solution that can measure and visualise whether an organisation's actual status is in line with its business strategy and goals on every organisational level. This gives management full control over their (part of the) organisation.

EMS is fully integrated with ILIAS and is used as a tool during the implementation, enabling not only a high implementation speed, but also high implementation quality. After the implementation EMS can be used as Management Information System and as a user friendly interface for ILIAS. The EMS interface provides the end user with all information, where needed and when needed, that is required for proper use of the ILIAS system. This reduces the roll out effort (i.e. user training efforts) to an absolute minimum.

ILIAS Solutions is a Belgian software company dedicated to aerospace and defence. ILIAS has been specifically designed to address the needs of achieving significant improvements in aircraft and asset availability while, at the same time, reducing support costs and manpower. The solution consists of multi-dimensional functional areas which directly link configuration, maintenance, inventory and purchasing needs to the execution of the missions.

ILIAS has evolved over the years to the Ultimate Solution for Aerospace & Defence Organisations and counts with implementations in all Military Forces, including Navy, Medical Services and Land Components, as well as the industry. ILIAS manages assets with long supply chains and very complex configuration, maintenance and modification needs: e.g. aircrafts, warships, tanks and ground equipment.