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Royal Netherlands Air Force offers surplus F-16s to Chile and Brazil

October 8, 2005 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The Chilean air force is in negotiations for the acquisition of 20 to 28 surplus Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s. The aircraft are needed to replace Chile's entire fleet of ageing Mirage-5MA and Mirage- 50C/FC aircraft, which are expensive to operate and maintain.
Although the recent purchase of five South African Cheetah airframes for spares has helped to ease the situation for Chile, the Mirage fleet replacement is becoming an urgent matter.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has also renewed an offer to Brazil for 14 F-16 Mid-Life Upgrade fighters at a cost of $5 million per aircraft. However, the FAB seems to favour a $73 million offer from the French government to lease 12Mirage 2000C fighters equipped with R550 Magic II short-range AAMs and Super 530 medium-range AAMs.