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L-3 Communications to deliver sub-systems for the Polish F-16 reconnaissance systems

November 9, 2004 (by Houston) - L-3 Communications has recently been awarded contracts by Goodrich to provide key sub-systems for the Poland Peace Sky F16 Reconnaissance program. The value of these sub-contracts is in excess of $10 million.
Goodrich's Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems unit will be providing its reconnaissance pod to the Polish Air Force, which is acquiring 48 F-16C/D Block 52s under the Peace Sky Foreign Military Sale program.

The podded reconnaissance system features the Goodrich DB-110 dual band, electro-optical / infrared Long Range Oblique Photography (LOROP) sensor. This sensor is capable of imaging targets at 30,000 feet at a stand-off distance of 50 nautical miles. The system will be used to support NATO forces providing both Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) and Time-Critical-Targeting capability (TCT).

L-3 CS-West will provide Goodrich with AT-2740 Wideband Airborne Data Link Terminals and Tactical Interoperable Ground Data Link Terminals (TIGDL) for the program. The AT-2740 provides real-time, full-duplex sensor data and voice communications at wideband rates. It is a ground data link terminal that uses commercial off-the-shelf components and standard architectures to receive high bandwidth sensor data from an airborne platform.

As part of this contract, L-3 CS-East will provide Goodrich with S/TAR RM-3000 model solid-state recorders. The system uses non-volatile flash memory and has a 96GB storage capacity. S/TAR systems are currently deployed in programs like the F-18 E/F SHAred Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP), F-16C block 30 Theater Airborne Reconnaissance System (TARS) and the Swedish JAS 39 Gripen Reconnaissance program.