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Name TSgt. Ryan Shick
Unit 52nd Fighter Wing
Crewing F-16s from 1998 until 2001
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First assignment was at the 80th fighter squadron at the Kun. Was an assistant crew chief on 86-0352. Great assignment. Great people. I left Korea in April of 99 and was stationed at Spangdahlem where i was assigned with TA. Much different pace then what I was used to but a nice break. Worked all different airframes that I wouldn't have had a chance to do had I not been assigned there. Had the best boss in my active duty career there at Spangdahlem. Two years later I palace fronted from active duty to the gaurd in Battle Creek Michigan as an A-10 crew chief. Excellent Unit and even better people. Due to BRAC 9 years later I am now employed with Selfridge ANG crewing KC-135's. I have been a full time techinician with both Battle Creek and Selfridge for about 8 years now.

Current or Favourite assignment

Spangdahlem was my favorite assignment based primarily on the location. Europe is great place to be stationed to do lots of traveling. Never took one day of leave back to the states in two years because of all the opprotunities to travel. People are very freindly and beer was great.


While stationed in Spangdahlem we went on a 2 week assignment with our F-16's to Isreal where we flew with the Isreali F-15's. A year later we deployed to Prince Saultan AB Saudi Arabia for 4 months. Only time in my career where I worked mid-shift and was an awesome deployment. While with Battle Creek our unit deployed to Al Jabar AB Kuwait. Just a select few forward deployed to Talil AB Iraq In March of 03. Will probably never have another deployment quite like that one.

My Jets & Assignments

86352 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 80th Fighter Squadron "Juvats" [Unit History]
Period 1998 - 1999
Current: 86352   USAF 119 FS F-16C Block 30 [ act]
We worked lots and had excerises every two weeks and drank a shit load of beer!
Unit 52nd Fighter Wing [History]
Period 1999 - 2001
A-10 Thunderbolt II
Unit 110th Fighter Wing Battle Creek ANGB Michigan
Period 2001 - 2008
The A-10 mission was by far my favorite. Fuckin awesome jet to work.
KC-135 Stratotanker
Unit 127th Wing Selfridge ANGB Michigan
Period 2008 -
Not as good of a mission but the trips are much better. Hawaii, Guam, Alaska. You get the point.
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