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  SSgt. John " JB" Baptista

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Name SSgt. John Baptista
Unit 308th Fighter Squadron "Emerald Knights"
Crewing F-16s
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Well I started my time on the F-16 at the 36th , Osan, ROK then from there worked at the 23 , Spangdalem for a couple years. I then moved on to what I thought was a better assignment at the 308th, Luke AFB - boy was I wrong. I am now rounding out my sophmore tour on the ROK, Osan again! I am one of the unfortunate cats who got shifted to A-10's working A-10 support. Now the AF has decided to throw me on the F-15E at Seymour Johnson, well the F-16 will always be my first. I have met alot of people on my way, some good and some I never want to see again.


Baltic Air Policing, Zokniai Air Base, Šiauliai Lithuania (GREATEST Deployment, EVER); OIF/OEF Al Udeid, Qatar, misc TDY's here and there......

My Jets & Assignments

89043 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 36th Fighter Squadron "Flying Fiends" [Unit History]
Period -
Current: 89043   USAF 36 FS F-16C Block 40 [ act]
91481 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 23rd Fighter Squadron "Fighting Hawks" [Unit History]
Period 2005 - 2007
Current: 91481   USAF 480 FS F-16D Block 50 [ act]
88162 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 308th Fighter Squadron "Emerald Knights" [Unit History]
Period 2007 - 2008
Current: 88162   USAF 54 FG F-16D Block 42 [ act]
A-10 Thunderbolt II
Unit 25 AMU,, Support
Period 2008 - 2009
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