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  MSgt. Paul " Chucka Hud" Hudson

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Name MSgt. Paul Hudson
Unit 4th Fighter Squadron "Fightin' Fuujins"
Crewing F-16s from 1985 until 2008
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F16A/B, T38, F16C/D, OA10, F16CG/DG, F16CJ/DJ, F16CM/DM been around all the different blocks F16's currently a Pro Super at Hill AFB and will retire the end of 2009!

Current or Favourite assignment

This is the current unit I am associated with although I am in the AMU! Not the FS!!


Italy, Spain, Saudi, UEA, Korea, PI, Singapore, Japan, Iraq, India

My Jets & Assignments

81822 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Lucky Devils" [Unit History]
Period 1986 - 1988
Current: 1610   FAR Esc 53 F-16B Block 20 MLU [ act]
1st Assignment and a hella good time!!
89179 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit N/A
Period 1992 - 1996
Current: 89179   USAF 8 FS F-16D Block 42 [ act]
Met a lot of good friends here and had a few good hunting trips
90807 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 14th Fighter Squadron "Samurais" [Unit History]
Period 1998 - 2006
Current: 90807   USAF 14 FS F-16C Block 50 [ act]
8 years in Japan was a great experience!
Unit 524th Fighter Squadron "Hounds" [History]
Period 2006 - 2007
Cannon was Cannon good folks to work with and a lot of COW $hit otherwise LOL!
Unit 4th Fighter Squadron "Fightin' Fuujins" [History]
Period 2007 - 2009
Came through here back in the beginning of my AF career in 1985 for initial training and a fitting place to end my AF career!! Thanks
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