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  A1C. H. " Kukinho" Basto

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Name A1C. H. Basto
Unit 201st esquadra "Falcons (Falcões)"
Crewing F-16s
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I'm assign in Squadron 201 of the PoAF, and my Aircraft is 15114, i had a short time in 15108.The two planes are mono spot!!!

Current or Favourite assignment

If you training hard...war will be easy!!!!

War or peace for us it's the same!!!!!


BAP(Baltic air policing)2007...Lithuania-Siauliai.

My Jets & Assignments

Unit 201st esquadra "Falcons (Falcões)" [History]
Period -
Unit 301st esquadra "Jaguars (Jaguares)" [History]
Period -
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