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Name SSgt. Brandon Rachuy
Unit 35th Fighter Squadron "Pantons"
Crewing F-16s
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I came out of tech school with an assignment to 388th phase dock. I spent about 3 1/2 years there all in phase then i got an assignment to the 35th FS at Kunsan AB, Korea. This was by far the best assignment i've had so did i rage with some good people. I got a follow on to Beale sauce. I spent about a year there before i got an assignment back to phase at Hill (luckily before i got re-coded to U-2s).


I was deployed to Bagram with the 34th FS from January-June 2010

My Jets & Assignments

89060 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 35th Fighter Squadron "Pantons" [Unit History]
Period 2011 - 2011
Current: 89060   USAF 35 FS F-16C Block 40 [ act]
Yea...i got snatched off that after my LOR in what came to be known as the Great Crew Chief Swap.
88522 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 35th Fighter Squadron "Pantons" [Unit History]
Period 2011 - 2012
Current: 88522   USAF 35 FS F-16C Block 40 [ act]
Man this jet sucked!! It was down for like 3 months with weapons problems (SMS). I ripped the left LEF off so many times that i literally lost count. They replaced the entire wiring harness in the left LEF thinking that was the problem...nope that def was not it. It turned out to be a CB that was pushing out to much voltage. After that she flew like a champ other than the occasional code 2. She flew like such crap when i was first on her i ended up nicknaming her the Dirty Deuce.
88416 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 421st Fighter Squadron "Black Widows" [Unit History]
Period 2013 -
Current: 88416   USAF 16 WS F-16C Block 40 [ act]
Other aircraft/assignments I worked on the U-2 at Beale AFB for a year before heading back to the promise land
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