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  SrA. Caleb " Chevy" Ford

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Name SrA. Caleb Ford
Unit 62nd Fighter Squadron "Spikes"
Crewing F-16s
Contact fordlikethetruck Send me a private message
Currently stationed at Luke AFB, AZ. I leave for Kunsan in Sep. I'm originally from Maplesville, AL

My Jets & Assignments

84386 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 62nd Fighter Squadron "Spikes" [Unit History]
Period -
Current: F16C 84-1386   USAF AMARC F-16C Block 25 [ sto]
this jet has earned itself the nickname 38-shit if that tells you anything... Hydraulic problems, and undiagnosible start issues. Starts if you don't pump the JFS, but if you do, it wont. pukes hydro everywhere first start of the day, every day. A and B sys res shoot up to 100% 3 min after shutdown. we've literally replaced every part on the hydro system since I've been crewing the jet, and we cant seem to fix this "GHOST" leak. Even with all the issues, I still love this jet more than any other I've touched at the 62nd. I guess I've come to love my hatred for this jet. It may be a peice of shit, but it's MY peice of shit.
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