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Local S/N AF/Unit Aircraft Name Marked Date Details
FA-127 BAF 2 W 89-0005 Mar 1999 Details
Bomb drops during the Kosovo campaign.
J-063 RNlAF 322 sqn 86-0063 24 Mar 1999 Details
Dutch MiG Killer

In 1999, Maj. Peter Tankink scored the first post-WWII kill for the Royal Netherlands Air Force, shooting down a Yugoslav MiG-29 with an AIM-120A Amraam. A silhouette of a Fulcrum was painted just below the canopy rail.
91336 USAF 22 FS 91-0336 Jun 1999 Details
92915 USAF 23 FS 92-3915 Unknown Details
Wore 8 mission markings of HARMS. This aircraft may also have worn a kill marking which was removed as credit wasn't given. Many crew feel that the aircraft should have been credited with a kill.
88413 USAF 510 FS 88-0413 "Friends of Sacile" "510 FS" Aug 1999 Details
Wore 40 mission markings for Kosovo, 3 mission markings for Bosnia and 5 for missions flown over Iraq. The five missions over Iraq were applied during the deployment for OSW shortly after OAF.
88443 USAF 510 FS 88-0443 "Pordenone" Unknown Details
Wore 22 Kosovo mission markings.
88444 USAF 510 FS 88-0444 Aug 1999 Details
Nicknamed Triple Whore by the crew.
88491 USAF 510 FS 88-0491 Unknown Details
Wore 30 Kosovo markings and 3 Bosnia missing markings.
88525 USAF 510 FS 88-0525 "On The Prowl" Unknown Details
Wore eight markings for Bosnia and an additional 21 other markings for a total of 29.
88541 USAF 510 FS 88-0541 "Serb'in it Up!" Jun 1999 Details
89001 USAF 510 FS 89-2001 "Guardian Angel" "31 FW" Jul 2000 Details
Wore 46 mission markings for Operation Allied Force.
89011 USAF 510 FS 89-2011 "1 Bad @$$ Buzzard" Unknown Details
Wore mission markings, 10 for Bosnia, 48 for Kosovo and 4 for Iraq (ONW).
89030 USAF 510 FS 89-2030 Unknown Details
89046 USAF 510 FS 89-2046 "Avenge The Innocent" Unknown Details
Wore seven markings for Bosnia with an aditional 18 other markings making 25 total.
89137 USAF 510 FS 89-2137 "Hit 'em Hard" "31 OG" Unknown Details
Ended up wearing 47 mission markings for Allied Force.

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[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
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