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152nd Fighter Squadron ( USAF ANG)

" Tigers"  

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152 FS " Tigers" ( USAF ANG)
Version: F-16C/D block 42
Role: Training
Tailband: Red & Yellow (Arizona flag)
Motto: N/A
Badge: N/A

Sideways profile for the 152nd FS in 2006.

F-16 History

Conversion from the A-7D/K started in 1991 when the 152nd TFTS started to receive many older block 1, 5 and 10 airframes from other USAF units. The mission of the unit was to train combat-ready pilots for the Air National Guard (Replacement Training Unit or RTU). This mission remained after the conversion, but the older airframes were not quite suited to fulfill this mission. Therefore a number of block 15 airframes were introduced in the squadron to be able to maintain a more modern training syllabus.

USAF F-16C block 42 #90-0716 from the 152nd FS flies over Tucson on July 9th, 2010. [USAF photo by MSgt. Jack Braden]

On March 16, 1992 the squadron re-designated the 152nd Fighter Squadron, although it would continue to retain its training role.

In 1992 the ANG Staff decided to modernize the training that the squadron was providing to ANG crews as well as regular USAF units or NATO F-16 pilots. Therefore more modern block 42 airframes were delivered to the squadron. This opened a lot of opportunities. This block is specifically designed for attack operations during day and night time. It uses the advanced LANTIRN pod and the squadron has been training other crews in the usage of these systems. The squadron is flying this block of F-16s for 20 years now (2012). In recent years these airframes have been further upgraded with the CCIP program to make it possible for them to reach 8,000 flying hours easily. A number of additions (like a new MMC, an advanced AIFF system, etc.) were added to these airframes to further modernize their operations and make it possible to adjust the training sequence to include these advanced electronics.

Aircraft Markings History

1986 - 1997

The tail sported a very attractive tailband which is the state flag for Arizona. The state name was carried about a foot below the tailband. In some rare cases the letters 'IMT' were added to the small blue strip within the state flag tail band. This stood for 'International Military Training' that was very reflective of its role.

1997 - present

In 1997 the markings for the entire parent 162nd FW changed slightly. The state name Arizona was dropped and the AZ tail code was adopted. The ANG emblem was also made smaller during this process which may have taken well over a year to complete.

Unit History

  • 1939: Activation of the squadron in Hillsgrove, Rhode Island
  • 1939: O-38
  • 1941: O-52 'Owl' (part of 26 OG, Fort Devens Field, Massachusetts)
  • 1943: A-20 'Havoc' (part of 73 RG, Reading Field, Pennsylvania)
  • 1943: B-25 'Mitchell' (part of 73 BG)
  • 1943: P-39 'Airacobra' (part of 73 TRG, Camp Campbell, Kentucky)
  • 1943: P-39 'Airacobra' (redesignated as 37 PMS, part of 69 TRG)
  • 1943: P-39 'Airacobra' (Muskogee Field, Oklahoma)
  • 1943: P-39 'Airacobra' (Esler Field, Louisiana)
  • 1944: P-38G/F-5 'Lightning' (part of 69 PRG)
  • 1944: P-38G/F-5 'Lightning' (part of 5 PG, Capodichino AP [It.])
  • 1944: P-38G/F-5 'Lightning' (San Severo [It.])
  • 1945: P-38G/F-5 'Lightning' (Bari [It.])
  • 1945: P-38G/F-5 'Lightning' (Capodichino AP [It.])
  • 1945: P-38G/F-5 'Lightning' (Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia)
  • 1945: Deactivated
  • 1946: Activation of the squadron in Theodore Francis Green, Rhode Island (as 152 FS)
  • 1946: P-47D 'Thunderbolt' (part of 143 FG)
  • 1948: P-47D 'Thunderbolt' (part of 143 FBG)
  • 1952: F-51D 'Mustang' (part of 143 FIG)
  • 1954: F-84D 'Thunderjet'
  • 1956: F-86A 'Sabre' (part of 162 FIG, Tucson IAP, Arizona)
  • 1958: F-100A 'Super Sabre'
  • 1964: F-84F 'Thunderstreak'
  • 1966: (T)F-102A 'Delta Dagger'
  • 1969: F-100C/F 'Super Sabre' (part of 162 TFTG)
  • 1972: F-100D/F 'Super Sabre'
  • 1977: A-7D 'Corsair II'
  • 1981: A-7D/K 'Corsair II'
  • 1991: F-16A/B 'Fighting Falcon'
  • 1992: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 162 FG)
  • 1995: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 162 FW)

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