145th squadron (RSAF)


145 sqn "Hornet" (RSAF)
Version: F-16D block 52
Tailband: N/A
Motto: Swift & Valiant
Badge: An attacking hornet.
Moved to Tangah in February 2020 (needs to be moved).

Sideways profile for 145 sqn in 2007.

F-16 History

The squadron was based at Tengah AB from its activation back in 1984 on the A-4 Skyhawk. With the introduction of the F-16, the squadron moved to Changi AB. The reason for this move was twofold. With the introduction of the F-16 within both 140 and 143 squadrons it became quite crowded at Tengah AB. Secondly, it was foreseen that 145 squadron would receive the latest batch of ordered F-16s. This order only consisted of D-models and had another tasking then the units based at Tengah AB. Therefore a concentration of types within the Singapore F-16 community was envisioned.

The squadron was the latest to be equipped with the F-16. All aircraft are of the dual seat D-model. They are build to the latest block 52 standard, giving them a further edge in capabilities compared to their older mates flying in both 140 and 143 sqn as well with the training unit in the United States.

RSAF F-16D Block 52, #661, part of the latest Peace Carvin IV order rolling just prior to take off on its first flight [LMTAS photo ]

Aircraft Markings History

2003 - present

The tail is adorned with a toned down squadron logo in the center of the tail with the serial number on the base.

Unit History

  • 1984: Activation of the squadron in Tengah
  • 1984: (T)A-4S-1 'Skyhawk'
  • 1990: (T)A-4SU 'Skyhawk'
  • 2003: F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' (Changi AB)

F-16 Airframe Inventory


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