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Tayeset 119 ( IDFAF)

" Bat (Ha' Atalef)"  

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Tayeset 119 " Bat (Ha' Atalef)" ( IDFAF)
Version: F-16D block 52
Role: Multirole, Attack
Tailband: N/A
Motto: N/A
Badge: A bat in front of a cloud.

Sideways profile for tayeset 119 in 2009.

F-16 History

The bats moved into the Valley Squadrons facilities at Ramon AB. The 'Valley Squadron' itself moved to Ramat David. In the process the 'Bat Squadron' converted to the F-16I from the F-4E. 119 squadron flew the F-4 for over 30 years when they converted. Initially the plan was for the squadron to disband for over a year before converting to the F-16I. Plans changed and the conversion dates were moved up meaning the squadron was not disbanded. The unit became active with the F-16I on December 28th, 2004 although with limited aircraft. That made them the second operator of the F-16I after 253 squadron.

One of the early aircraft was re-serialed #119 to fit the squadron call number. This became the flagship aircraft and a special marking was applied to the tail. That marking was a large bat designed by aircraft model builder 'Ra'anan Weiss'. This marking may eventually appear on other 119 squadron aircraft in the future similar to the large unit markings painted on other Israeli F-16s. The standard marking so far has been what has been on the Bat Squadron aircraft in the past, a red fin flash that runs part way up the tail and also part way along the bottom.

With this latest order of F-16s, the IDFAF has put in place a magnificent weapon system with a dedicated pilot and Weapons System Officer (WSO) on board. This means a serious reduction in workload during the types demanding missions. In total, the Peace Marbel V order will see 4 squadrons equipped with this latest version of the viper.

IDFAF F-16D block 52 #425 from Tayeset 119 is seen recovering from a Red Flag 09-4 mission at Nellis AFB on July 21st, 2009. [Photo by EOR]

Aircraft Markings History

2004 - present

The tail consists of the squadron batch in toned-down sand-brown coloring on the tail with the squadron patch on top and the serial number just above the tail base. The tail's front egde has a red triangle as a mark.

Unit History

  • 1956: Activation of the squadron in Tel Nof
  • 1956: 'Meteor ' NF.13 (part of Canaf 8)
  • 1958: 'Vautour' IIN
  • 1964: Mirage IIICJ
  • 1970: F-4E 'Phantom II'
  • 2004: F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' (Ramon AB, part of Canaf 25)

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