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Tayeset 109 ( IDFAF)

" Valley (Ha' Emek)"  

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Tayeset 109 " Valley (Ha' Emek)" ( IDFAF)
Version: F-16D block 30/40
Role: Multirole, Attack
Tailband: N/A
Motto: N/A
Badge: An attacking bird on a red background.

Sideways profile for tayeset 109 in 2009.

F-16 History

On July 2nd, 1991 the 'Valley Squadron' began conversion to the F-16C/D. The aircraft received by 109 squadron came from 101 squadron. That squadron operated these block 30 airframes for only four years when they switched to the block 40 version. With these aircraft becoming available, 109 squadron was reactivated to receive them. Originally, these airframes were part of the Peace Marbel II contract and are used in a traditional fighter-bomber role. The block 30 C-models are locally known as 'Barak' – meaning Lightning and the D-models are known as 'Brakeet' – meaning Thunderbolt.

The squadron has a majority of D-models at its disposal. These models were the first worldwide to introduce the so-called 'dorsal spine'. This is a compartment put on top of the fuselage as a forward extension of the tail base running up to the back of the cockpit. This space is used as an electronics compartment where most likely an advanced ECM system is housed. The dorsal spine is an option that is well-known nowadays with different air forces ordering two-seaters with this dorsal spine for front line roles.

IDFAF F-16D block 30 #074 from 109 sqn coming back to landing in its base. Note the kill mark, scored against the Hizballah UAV during the 2nd Lebanon War which took place back in 2006. [Photo by Shimon Mental]

Aircraft Markings History

1991 - present

The tail consists of the squadron batch in toned-down sand-brown coloring on the tail with the squadron patch on top and the serial number just above the tail base.

Unit History

  • 1951: Activation of the squadron in Tel Nof
  • 1951: 'Mosquito' FB.6 (part of Canaf 8)
  • 1951: 'Mosquito' FB.6 (Hatzor AB, part of Canaf 4)
  • 1955: Disbanded
  • 1956: Activation of the squadron in Ramat David
  • 1956: 'Mystere' IVA (part of Canaf 1)
  • 1968: A-4H 'Skyhawk'
  • 1973: A-4N 'Skyhawk'
  • 1977: 'Kfir' C-1
  • 1981: 'Kfir' C-2
  • 1983: 'Kfir' C-7
  • 1985: Disbanded
  • 1991: Activation of the squadron in Ramat David
  • 1991: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of Canaf 1)

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