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2nd squadron ( RJAF)


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2 sqn ( RJAF)
Version: F-16A/B block 20 MLU
Role: Air Defense, Training
Tailband: N/A
Motto: N/A
Badge: A falcon's head.

Sideways profile for 2 sqn in 2007.

F-16 History

The first F-16 to arrive in Jordan was destined for the squadron and landed at Muwaffaq Al-Salti AB in December of 1997. Under the Peace Falcon I program, Jordan would receive 16 F-16s – being 12 A-models and 4 B-models – in the ADF version. These F-16s had been stored at AMARC since 1994-1995 and were sent to the Ogden logistical facility to get them to flying condition again.

Since the Jordanian Air Force lacked an aircraft with a dedicated air defence profile and with the possibility to engage beyond visual range, these F-16s were solely used in this role. These aircraft boosted the air defence potential of the Jordanian Air Force dramatically. Although a modern BVR weapon as the AIM-120 wasn’t included in the deal. These were only added to the fleet in 2004. In between, the Jordan’s had to rely on the less sophisticated AIM-7 missile to conduct their BVR missions.

RJAF F-16A ADF #228 from 2 sqn is seen parked on the ramp during Falcon Air Meet 2007. [BAF 1 sqn photo]

The Jordanian Air Force has conducted a major re-equipment program over the past years. More F-16s were added to the fleet with these being modernized to the MLU standards. Although envisioned to be upgraded as well, the F-16s of 2 squadron remain unmodified. Therefore they retain their specific air defence duties without being truly multirole capable. Time will tell whether these aircraft will receive the MLU package as the rest of the fleet.

In a surprise move the F-16s of the ADF version were all sold to Pakistan in April of 2014 with all aircraft being delivered in weeks. This means the squadron lacks any fighters at the moment. However, an educated guess is that delivery of the latest order 'Peace Falcon VI' which sees delivery of 15 more ex-Dutch F-16s to the RJAF might be imminent. This could mean Jordan decided to standardize on an all-MLU fleet, which would off course be very wise. The near future will see whether the squadron will receive those 'new' F-16s. In 2017 it was apparent that the squadron indeed transitioned to the MLU.

Aircraft Markings History

1997 - present

The tail consists of a large Jordanian flag just above the center of the tail, with the serial number of the aircraft in the center.

Unit History

  • 1958: Activation of the squadron in Amman
  • 1958: 'Vampire' F. B9 (King Abdullah AB)
  • 1962: 'Hunter' F. Mk. 6 (Mafraq AB)
  • 1974: F-5A/B 'Freedom Fighter'
  • 1984: C.101 'Aviojet'
  • 1997: Deactivated
  • 1997: F-16A/B 'Fighting Falcon' (Muwaffaq Al-Salti AB)

F-16 Airframe Inventory


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