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175th Fighter Squadron ( USAF ANG)

" Lobos"  

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175 FS " Lobos" ( USAF ANG)
Version: F-16C/D block 40
Role: Air Defense, Attack
Tailband: Red & White
Motto: N/A
Badge: N/A

Sideways profile for the 175th FS in 2007.

F-16 History

On September 30th, 1992 the squadron completed conversion from the A-7D/K to the F-16C/D block 30. The first F-16 to arrive was on August 14th, 1991. In June of 1993 the squadron deployed eight aircraft to Brustem AB, Belgium as Coronet DART for the European exercise Central Enterprise 1993. Later that year - in December - the squadron deployed again, this time for their first combat deployment with the F-16. Stationed at Incirlik AB, Turkey the squadron flew missions over Iraq to guard the no-fly zone to protect Kurdish refugees.

On October 25th, 2005 an F-16 of the unit was attempting to take fuel from a KC-10. The jet suffered more than $930,000 of damage. The boom operator's accidental oscillation caused damages to both aircraft which were able to land safely. An unusual accident for a squadron which has enjoyed a tremendous safety record. During 2007 the squadron was the recipient of the National Guard Bureau’s Winston P. Wilson Trophy. The trophy goes to the most outstanding Air National Guard unit and is awarded annually. Just three years later the squadron would win the trophy again in 2010.

Capt. Matt 'Eddie' Fritz flies F-16C block 30 #85-1446 from the 175th FS out of Sioux Falls IAP over the Gulf of Mexico while deployed to Tyndall AFB in support of Combat Archer, an air-to-air Weapons System Evaluation Program on June 9th, 2003. [USAF photo by TSgt. Michael Ammons]

Over the years the squadron has enjoyed a variety of nose art like no other F-16 squadron. Much of that is owed to MSgt. Jeffery D. Hofer who did most of the art work. The only flying unit of the South Dakota ANG fared well in the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure committee results. Giving up its older block 30 F-16s the squadron would upgrade to the block 40. The first F-16C block 30 to depart was 'Cujo' aircraft (#85-1434) which occurred on May 7th, 2010 with destination AMARG. Over the next five months they received block 40 vipers from all three squadrons at Hill AFB, Utah which were largely as a result of the closure of the 34th FS over there.

Four-ship F-16 formation of the 175th FS "Lobos" from Sioux Falls IAP, South Dakota, over Mount Rushmore [USAF photo]

Aircraft Markings History

1992 - present

All grey tail but still very note worthy. The front of a timber wolf is running across the tail. Details of the wolf have changed slightly over the years. The tail band is dark grey and has the squadron name 'Lobos' included with the serial number at the bottom of the tail and 'SOUTH DAKOTA' is written in large letters on the tail base.

Unit History

  • 1943: Activation of the squadron in Richmond, Virginia (as 387 FS)
  • 1943: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (part of 365 FG)
  • 1943: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Langley Field, Virginia)
  • 1943: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Dover, Delaware)
  • 1943: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Richmond AAB, Virginia)
  • 1943: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Gosfield [Eng.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Beaulieu [Eng.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Azeville [Fr.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Lignerolle [Fr.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Bretigny [Fr.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Juvincourt [Fr.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Chièvres [Bel.])
  • 1944: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Metz [Fr.])
  • 1945: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Florennes [Bel.])
  • 1945: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Aachen [Ger.])
  • 1945: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Fritzlar [Ger.])
  • 1945: P-47 'Thunderbolt' (Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts)
  • 1945: Deactivated
  • 1946: Activation of the squadron in Joe Foss, South Dakota (as 175 FS)
  • 1946: P-51D 'Mustang' (part of 133 FG)
  • 1951: P-51D 'Mustang' (Rapid City AFB, South Dakota)
  • 1952: P-51D 'Mustang' (Sioux Falls AP, South Dakota)
  • 1954: F-94A/B 'Starfire'
  • 1956: F-94C 'Starfire' (part of 114 FIG)
  • 1958: F-89D 'Scorpion'
  • 1958: F-89D/J 'Scorpion'
  • 1960: (T)F-102A 'Delta Dagger' (part of 114 FG)
  • 1970: F-100D/F 'Super Sabre' (part of 114 TFG)
  • 1977: A-7D 'Corsair II'
  • 1991: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon'
  • 1992: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 114 FG)
  • 1995: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 114 FW)


' Provide Comfort'
Incirlik AB, Turkey [3 F-16s] (December 4th, 1993 to January 16th, 1994)
This operation was set to protect the Kurds in the north of Iraq. In total these deployments lasted for a mere 12 years ending with the regime of Sadam Hussain being overthrown. This was a rainbow deployment with elements of the 120 FS, 149 FS and 174 FS.
' Provide Comfort II'
Incirlik AB, Turkey [4 F-16s] (January 2nd, 1996 to April 9th, 1996)
This marked the second deployment in Turkey to guard the northern part of Iraq. Again a rainbow deployment with a total of 12 aircraft with all three squadrons coming from the 149 FS and 174 FS.
' Southern Watch'
Ahmed Al Jaber AB, Kuwait [3 F-16s] (February of 1998 to March of 1998)
This marked the first deployment in the Southern Watch series being part of a rainbow deployment that ran from November of 1997 to May of 1998 with the other squadrons including the 120 FS, 174 FS and 176 FS.
' Southern Watch'
Prince Sultan AB, Saudi Arabia (November of 2001 to January of 2002)
Operation Southern Watch was an operation which was responsible for enforcing the United Nations mandated no-fly zone below the 32nd parallel in Iraq. This mission was initiated mainly to cover for attacks of Iraqi forces on the Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims.
' Northern Watch'
Incirlik AB, Turkey (December 3rd, 2002 to January of 2003)
Operation Northern Watch was a US European Command Combined Task Force (CTF) who was responsible for enforcing the United Nations mandated no-fly zone above the 36th parallel in Iraq. This mission was a successor to Operation Provide Comfort which also entailed support for the Iraqi Kurds.
' Iraqi Freedom'
Balad AB, Iraq (October 19th, 2006 to December of 2006)
This marked the first deployment of the squadron in Iraq, sending up to 170 airmen into theatre. More deployments were carried out in the coming years.
' Iraqi Freedom'
Balad AB, Iraq (June 10th, 2008 to September 17th, 2008)
This was the squadrons second deployment to Iraq. This time it was part of a rainbow deployment together with the 138th FS.
' Iraqi Freedom'
Balad AB, Iraq (December 18th, 2009 to April 5th, 2010)
Deployed with the 119th FS and 121st FS. Colonel Middlebrooks of the 175th FS reached his 4,000th hour while flying close air support sorties over Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He did this on February 5th, 2010 in F-16 #85-1465 of the 121st FS. Some indications are that the squadron was in theatre untill August of 2010.

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