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  Capt. Tony "Bond" Stutts (Ret.)

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Viper Driver

Name Capt. Tony "Bond" Stutts (Ret.)
Unit 22nd Fighter Squadron "Stingers"
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 2000
Flew at 512TFS and 526TFS Ramstein.

Retired from the USAF Aug 2001 from Spangdahlem AB, GE flying the F-16CJ for the 22FS.

In July 2001, he surpassed 2000 Viper flight hours. He flew 53 combat missions over the skies of Northern & Southern Iraq and in support of Operation Allied Force over Serbia & Kosovo. He is credited with destroying a Straight Flush radar of an active SA-6 site on 1 May 99 just north of the Pristina Airfield as it engaged two flights of US Navy strike fighters.

He is currently working at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Ft Worth, TX, on the Joint Strike Fighter in the warfighter/CONOPs department/IPT.

F-16 Flying Hours

2,000 Hours # 372 on the 2K list
Unit N/A
Date July 2001
1,000 Hours # 855 on the 1K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown

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