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  Maj. Mark Smith

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Viper Driver

Name Maj. Mark Smith
Unit 310th Fighter Squadron "Tophats"
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 1600
Maj. Mark Smith grew up in Washington D.C. He graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in legal studies and entered the Air Force in 1992.

In 2004 he started his second season with the US Thunderbirds, flying the No. 2 jet as the left wingman in the Diamond Formation. Before joining the team, Maj Smith served as an instructor pilot and chief of scheduling with the F-16C Formal Training Unit, 310th Fighter Squadron, Luke Air Force Base, AZ. He has logged more than 1,900 hours as an Air Force pilot, with more than 1,600 hours in the F-16C/D.

F-16 Flying Hours

1,000 Hours # 2605 on the 1K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown

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