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  Brig.Gen. Hector G. "Vibora" D'Armas DuGarte

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Viper Driver

Name Brig.Gen. Hector G. "Vibora" D'Armas DuGarte
Unit N/A
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 1350
Aug 2000 - Jun 2002: Commanding officer of the FAV Grupo Aéreo de Caza Nº 16

Ejected from FAV F-16 Tail Number 6611 on September 27, 2001 over Barcelona Airport, Venezuela, due to catastrophic birdstrike (turkey vulture). Broken right leg femur bone in three places. Totally recovered to date. Former Commandant of the Venezuelan Air Force Academy.

2004: Current post: Director of Operations, FAV General Staff.

F-16 Flying Hours

1,000 Hours # 1676 on the 1K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown

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