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Scott Stutler and Conan next to #87-0242 (Scott Stutler collection) Please give us an overview of your military career and tell the readers a little about yourself?

Scott: My name is Scott Stutler. I joined the Airforce in 1986. I was a Dedicated Crew Chief. I was Stationed at Macdill AFB (FL), Torrejon AB Spain, Homestead AFB,( FL), Selfridge ANGB MI. What is your full name and current rank/status?

Scott: Scott Stutler, Discharged in 98. What is your most memorable time out on the ramp working on the F-16 both positive and/or negative?

Scott: It is hard to place one specific event. I have witnessed 2 jets crashing at Macdill, 1 bellylanding at Torrejon on swings. A lot of practical jokes on the ramp. I think just about every day you would see or do something that sticks in your head.

F-16C #87-0242 in Desert Storm (Photo by Scott Stutler) What is the hardest thing about working on the F-16?

Scott: The hardest thing is doing a full up ICT in full chem gear. Other than the F-16, what aircraft have you worked on? And how does the Viper compare?

Scott: I had the pleasure of going to Italy for a NATO cross trainging exercise. I learned basic systems & how to turn F-104, F-18, F-4, F-15 & C-130. Out of all of them I prefer the F-16. Any fond memories of a specific deployment or exercise?

Scott: There are two TDY's that stick. The first is Aviano Italy with the 614th (Torrejon). We would deploy there for our exercise. This one I believe was 89-90 time frame. The second would be Tyndall with the 127th (selfridge). You had to be there.

Scott Stutler in a newspaper clipping during Desert Storm If different from above question. Tell about your experience with Desert Storm?

Scott: I was deployed to Desert Shield / Storm. 614th Lucky Devils. We went to Doha Qatar. We were called the forgotten 1000. We lost 3 jets during the war. We had a lot of good times and some bad times there. What assignment/squadron was your favorite?

Scott: My favorite would be the 614th (Torrejon). When you go to war with a group, you can never forget them. Family forever. Is there any particular F-16 tail number(s) to which you are fond?

Scott: My jet in Spain will always be my Favorite. #87-0242, Pilot was Mark Coan (Conan). What is the best/worst practical joke you played on a victim(s)?

Scott: We used to do Jokes on a daily basis, We used to put cups of water in the Hydraulics doors and close them on the new guys so when they went under to open them up they would get a nice face full of water. you would always grease up the head sets, it leaves nice marks.. We even put pieces of dead fish in the mouthpiece one time. The flightline can be cruel. Any interesting stories or events you would like to share?

Scott: To many stories to share. I could write for days.

F-16C #87-0242 after Desert Storm. ( photo) What advice would you give junior ground crew?

Scott: Advice I would give would be to have a good time, Learn as much as you can. Before you know it you will be a DCC. Any words of advice to any of our young readers wanting to join the military?

Scott: I would tell someone who is interested in working Acft to make sure they get it on there enlistment papers. Don't just join Blind. Make sure you go for Maintenance. Have fun, get ready to see the world. Thank you for the interview.

- Scot Stutler was interviewed online by Jon Somerville in August of 2004 -

Visitor Comments
Great Guy
Eric J. Tagesen, Mar 09, 2007 - 10:38 PM

I worked with Scott both at Torrejon, and at Homestead after the Storm....he was a great guy to work with, and we've been friends ever since. I wish we were still serving together Scott!

Those were....... GOOD TIMES!!!!
Huggy, Apr 04, 2010 - 04:40 AM

I was there with Scott in Tyndall. Whew!!! Have had the honor to become GREAT friends(family) with Scott n Sheryl and the girls. Was lucky enough to meet Scott and Rick Carroll, they are both from the forgotten 1000. You guys Rock!

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