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Feb 22, 1998 - Textron Systems announced today, it has been awarded a $144 million contract by the Aeronautical Systems Center at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida to provide the USAF with 550 Sensor Fuzed Weapons (SFW). The Sensor Fuzed Weapon is a direct-strike, air-to-ground, smart munition developed in partnership with the USAF. Delivery of FRP3 units are scheduled to begin the first quarter of 1999. The SFW can be deployed on operational USAF and NATO tactical aircraft and delivered day or night from altitudes of 200 to 20, 000 feet, at speeds up to 650 knots. It has been certified for carriage and release from many USAF tactical aircraft including the F-16 fighter, and is operational on the B-1 bomber. Also known as CBU-97, SFW utilizes smart Skeet warhead technology to seek and sense moving or stationary land combat vehicles. One weapon can effectively destroy moving and stationary land combat vehicles within a15-acre coverage area. [Read more...]
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