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IDFAF F-16A block 10 #246 from 140 sqn is taxiing by the lens. Note the special pod on the engine inlet. Does anyone know this pod?[Photo by Isra]


  • Henrik on 2006-May-08 01:00:55 Henrik said


    "Pave Penny" laser spot tracker-pod.
  • eitan1421 on 2007-Aug-11 17:21:09 eitan1421 said


    This ons is called "Mehospas" (מחוספס) in hebrew.
    its tracking laser pointed ground targets that lased by ground forces. the aircraft can use GBU-24 laser guided bombs with this pod.

    Another issue - this F-16A block 10 with 246 sign has changed his number to 140 and became the leader of 140sqn. Every sqn in the IAF has a leader aircraft that has its sqn number. just like 253sqn with Sufa 253 or 116sqn with Netz 116.

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