US Air Force - AFMC F-35s

  • 07-0744.jpg
    USAF F-35A #07-7044 (AF-06) from the 461st FLTS seen trying flight 64 on February 16th, 2012. [Lockheed Martin photo by Darin Russell]
  • 07-0744_001.jpg
    F-35A (AF-6, 07-0744) spotted during moonrise on ramp 8 at Edwards AFB on March 7th, 2012. [Photo by Matthew Mckee]
  • 07-0744_002
    USAF test pilot and commander of the 461st Flight Test Squadron at Edwards AFB Lt. Col. Andrew Allen, flying F-35A #07-0744, sequentially engaged two targets with AIM-120 missiles on May 27th, 2014. This shot, completed at the Sea Test Range near Naval Base Ventura County, at Point Mugu, California, marked the first dual AIM-120 launch from any F-35 variant and the first live F-35A AIM-120 shot. [Lockheed photo by Darin Russell]
  • 168729
    USMC F-35B #168729 (VK-11) of VMFA-121 is spotted landing at Yuma on November 21st, 2014. [Photo by Gerhard Plomitzer]
  • 168314_001
    USMC F-35B #168314 (c/n BF-18) assigned to the 461st FLTS is shown in a hangar at Edwards AFB. [Lockheed photo]
  • 168314_002
    USMC F-35B #168314 (c/n BF-18) assigned to the 461st FLTS is shown in a hangar at Edwards AFB with a close-up of the missile launches it has performed to date. [Lockheed photo]
  • 07-0744
    USAF F-35A #07-0744 drops a small diameter bomb during weapons tests. This weapons test was one in a series of tests performed with the F35’s latest 3F software. Over the 31 calendar day 'surge' period, the team accomplished 30 weapon releases (live fires and separations). [Lockheed Martin photo by Chad Bellay]
  • 168312
    USMC F-35B #168312 of Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron nr. 1 (VMX-1) lands on the flight deck aboard the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6). They are underway conducting operational testing and the third phase of developmental testing for the F-35B Lightning II aircraft. The tests will evaluate the full spectrum of joint strike fighter measures of suitability and effectiveness in an at-sea environment. [USNavy photo by PO 3rd Cl. Kyle Goldberg]
  • 168314
    Beautiful evening shot of USMC F-35B #168314 from the 461st FLTS. [Photo by Fibber]
  • F-35
    Flocking together: Three F-35As and an F-35C are pictured with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background during a recent four-ship test sortie conducted by the 461st FLTS. Testing is done to ensure data is shared appropriately and accurately between aircraft. [USAF photo]
  • 08-0747
    USAF F-35A #08-0747 from the 58th FS at Eglin AFB takes off during Checkered Flag 17-1 at Tyndall AFB on December 8th, 2016. In addition to the six F-35s working from Tyndall’s ramp, six more launch from Eglin each day acting primarily as aggressors, 'Red Air' against the coalition of fighters at Tyndall, 'Blue Air'. [USAF photo by SSgt. Alex Fox Echols III]
  • 07-0745
    USAF F-35A #07-0745 from the 461st FLTS is strolling by the lens on January 14th, 2017. [Photo by Zbubakaz]
  • 17-5244
    USAF F-35A #17-5244 destined for Eglin AFB is departing runway 36 at NAS Fort Worth for a first flight on January 28th, 2019. [Photo by Txafterburner]
  • 169691
    USMC F-35B #169691 is photographed during a STOVL check at NAS Fort Worth on October 8th, 2020. [Photo by Keith Snyder]
  • 20-5578
    USAF F-35A #20-5578 destined for the 461st FLTS is seen returning from a morning test flight at NAS Fort Worth on July 18th, 2022. [Photo by David Thompson]