F-35 Graphics & Artwork

  • AIR_F-35B_Cutaway_lg.jpg
    F-35B cutaway [Via Defense Industry Daily]
  • AIR_F-22_Cutaway_lg.jpg
    F-22 cutaway [Via Defense Industry Daily]
  • f35_variant_ctol.jpg
    F-35A - CTOL [via jsf.mil]
  • f35_variant_stovl.jpg
    F-35B - STOVL
  • f35_variant_cv.jpg
    F-35C - CV
  • Lockheed-Martin-F-35.jpg
    F-35B [Via flightglobal.com]
  • jsf-family-variants.jpg
    F-35 variants [Via globalsecurity.org]
  • f35_technology_weapons.jpg
    The F-35 has been designed to carry either internally or externally a large array of weapons.
  • F-35C_calendar_2008.jpg
    Artist's impression of an F-35C right after take-off from an aircraft carrier.
  • JSFProduction.png
    March 2008 F-35 Production Rate