Pakistan Air Force F-16s

  • aaa.jpg
    Two-ship Pakistani F-16A formation, #84704 and #84705 - note the slightly different color scheme. [LMTAS photo]
  • aab.jpg
    A Pakistani F-16A, #84704, releasing twelve Mk.82's during a medium-altitude dive-bombing run. [PAF photo]
  • aac.jpg
    Three Pakistani F-16A's at the holding point [PAF photo]
  • aad.jpg
    A Pakistani F-16 pilot getting ready to start the engine [PAF photo]
  • aae.jpg
    Pakistan F-16 carrying 4 TER's with 3 MK.82 GP bombs each banking left. [PAF photo]
  • aai.jpg
    Low-level Pakistani F-16A, armed with 2 AIM-9P Sidewinders and 2 high-drag Mk.82s. [PAF photo]
  • aaj.jpg
    Pakistan Airforce F-16B landing on its home base. [Photo by Saeed Ahmed Siddique]
  • aal.jpg
    PAF F-16A #85726 and F-16B #84608 on a training mission over the city of Lahore armed with Sidewinders [PAF photo]
  • aam.jpg
    PAF F-16A #85726 and F-16B #84608 over the Choolistan desert, armed with AIM-9 Sidewinders - the PAF's main air-to-air weapons [PAF photo]
  • aan.jpg
    Pakistani F-16A #82702 over the Indus river, near Attock. Note the standard PAF F-16 color scheme. [Photo by Saeed Ahmed Siddique]
  • aao.jpg
    Pakistani F-16A with Thompson Atlis II laser designator pod on the 5L chin station, and two Paveway LGBs [PAF photo]
  • aap.jpg
    PAF F-16A block 15 #84706 with personal guard at Lahore AB on September 6th, 2000. [Photo by Ali Abbas]