US Air Force - ANG F-16s

The Blue-nosed F-16 (USAF #86244, assigned to the 192nd FW) in the paint barn in August 2000. It was painted for a 352nd Fighter Group (WWII 8th Air Force) reunion, and replicates the markings of one the US's highest scoring aces, Major George "Cripes A' Mighty" Preddy. Major Preddy was squadron commander of the 328th FS, which after WWII became the 149th FS, the flying squadron of the 192nd FW of the Virginia ANG. He was killed on Christmas Day 1944 by American gunfire. [Photo by Jim Caiella]


  • Anonymous on 2003-Jul-07 15:13:03 Anonymous said

    This aircraft belongs to the 149th FS/ 192nd FW Virginia Air National Guard. This was being painted in the late summer of 2000 for a reunion held in September with the 352nd Fighter Group (WWII 8th Air Force).

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