US Air Force - ANG F-16s

USAF F-16C block 25 #83-1165 from the 163rd TFS is parked on the concrete at Fort Wayne IAP in February of 1992. [Photo by Gary Chambers]


  • James Goodwin on 2008-Mar-26 20:24:28 James Goodwin said

    7000 hour bird

    Insted of sending this 7000 hour bird to Davis Monthan where it will be parted out, converted to a drone aircraft or simply left there forgotten, why not keep this aircraft as a gate guard and a reminder to all how this squadron took good care of it to allow it to exceed and nearly double its 4000 hour service life. There will be plenty of other F-16C's available for Davis Monthan, but the ones that are special like this bird and four other F-16C's that are mig and Serg Galeb killers (1 F-16C shot down 3 Galebs in February 1994) should be preserved in museums.

    The 3 Galeb killer should be sent to the museum in Seattle near the Boeing plant where a F-4C triple Mig killer is located. A Mig-29 killing F-16C should be in the National Museum of the Air Force and the F-16D that killed an Iraq Mig-25 using the AIM-120 missile for the first time should be at the Udvar Hazy Museum next to a F-4J single Mig killer of the Vietnam war.
  • Anonymous on 2008-Nov-20 07:26:30 Anonymous said

    Good news

    Good news, this grand lady is indeed going to be saved and preserved! So no worries about her being destroyed.

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