US Air Force - AFMC F-16s

A detailled picture of a AGM-142 HAVE LITE. A "modified" version of the HAVE NAP flown on the B-52. Made lighter for the F-16. [USAF photo]


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    Interesting Photograph! Didn't Really know the HAVE LIGHT program, here's a short description:

    HAVE LITE is an advanced air-to-ground precision guided missile. HAVE LITE is marketed by PGSUS, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Rafael. With HAVE LITE, fighter aircraft can attack and destroy high-value ground and sea targets from long range, including bunkers, power plants, missile sites, bridges, and ships. Multiple guidance modes and options provide lethal accuracy, allowing a building?s doorway to become a legitimate target. Accurate and cost effective, the missile system has a very high proven hit probability. HAVE LITE, with its flexible mission planning and significant standoff range, minimizes fighter aircraft exposure. It can be programmed to fly various horizontal and vertical trajectories and employs autonomous midcourse guidance based on GPS-aided inertial navigation. The missile then homes in on the target using a high-performance IIR or TV seeker and delivers either penetration or blast fragmentation warheads with surgical precision.

    Have Lite is a reduced size and weight version of the AGM-142. It gives fighter aircraft precision standoff capability. The missile features low and high altitude launch trajectories, and is highly survivable, especially in terminal phase. The trminal man-in-the-loop control provides for pinpoint accuracy. High reliability and availability are supported by high-performance IIR and TV seekers that are line replaceable units. The blast fragmentation or penetrating warheads are effective against hard or soft targets.

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