US Air Force - ACC F-16s

USAF F-16C block 50 #94047 based at Shaw AFB attending the Tiger Meet Of The Americas in 2003, held at Cold Lake AB, Canada. Note the IFF birdslicers, meaning this aircraft already received the CCIP upgrade. [Photo by Philippe Colin]


  • Austin griggs on 2008-Jan-09 06:17:53 Austin griggs said

    ON FIRE!

    This Jet caught on fire during take off in 2006, punched the tanks, circled around and landed, punched the chaff and flare on the runway! Made for a good show! Oh yea and it was loaded with lives....

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 # CC-199

    Received report that this aircraft had a nose gear collapse at some point. Viewers comments: "Does anyone remember when this jet skidded in on the radome and centerline tank following a NLG collapse? It looked like somebody cut it with a knife. I can not remember the date but I remember it was my buddies jet and some crew chiefs getting in a little hot water."

  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #94047

    Was marked with chalk for 2001 Tiger Meet, a very nice drawing on the tail. Markings were applied because the commanders aircraft with special markings broke. So this aircraft really did not receive a special paint scheme.

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