US Air Force F-16s

  • aag.jpg
    F-16C #84-1292 flying into the sun. Armament fit is two Sidewinders and two Amraams. [Photo by Scott Melgrew]
  • abu.jpg
    Night Falcon, or the F-16C #85-1446 which is an block 30 made to look like a block 40 as a demonstrator. Note the Lantirn pods on the chin stations. [LMTAS photo]
  • abw.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 50 #91360, one of the first F-16C Block 50's to be built [LMTAS photo]
  • aby.jpg
    A USAF F-16 carrying 4 Clusterbombs on the outer wing hardpoints, and 2 AIM-9s for self defence on the wingtips [USAF photo]
  • aca.jpg
    A USAF F-16C with asymetric load lining up with a tanker [Photo by Robbie Bulens]
  • acc.jpg
    Close formation flying by a USAF F-16A and a USMC F-18. [USAF photo]
  • acd.jpg
    A six-ship F-16 formation over the coast [USAF photo]
  • acw.jpg
    Thunderbird F-16C at dusk [USAF photo]
  • ady.jpg
    USAF F-16C 89-2030 block 40/42 510th FS caught on a rainy day. Note the large GEC-Marconi HUD optimised for night operations and the 11 bomb markings under the canopy [USAF Photo by Senior Airman Stan Parker]
  • aeg.jpg
    Viper driver detail in a 523rd FS F-16D over the Persian Gulf in May of 1998. [Photo by Greg L. Davis]
  • aeh.jpg
    Note the wide opened brakes and the closed engine nozzle showing the aircrafts low energy level just before touch-down. Also look at the landing gear of this F-16D leaping inwards when extracted [USAF photo]
  • aeq.jpg
    Nose art on USAF F-16C bock 40 #89-2001. Note the bomb icons just under the canopy. [USAF photo]