Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16s

  • 690
    RNoAF F-16B block 15 #690 from 332 skv is parked on the display line at Schleswig-Jagel AB during an airshow on June 11th, 1988. [ photo by Robert Nichols]
  • 277
    RNoAF F-16AM #277 from 331 skv is touching down on the runway at Stavanger AB on June 10th, 2017 sporting the 75th anniversary scheme of the unit. [ photo by Ludwig Isch]
  • 278
    A brand new RNoAF F-16A block 5 #278 seen at the Fokker facility at Amsterdam-Schiphol before delivery in november of 1980. The jet crashed on March 23rd, 1992. [Photo by Ed Groenendijk]
  • 691
    RNoAF F-16BM #691 from FLO is taxiing by the camera with a new 75th D-Day anniversary color scheme applied to it in May of 2019. [Photo by Peder Mathisen]
  • 664
    RNoAF F-16AM #664 from 331 skv is taking off in full force for a training session sporting the special anniversary scheme to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Norwegian F-16 service. [Photo by Peder Mathisen]
  • 661
    RNoAF F-16A block 15 #661 is landing after its flying display at the 1982 Farnborough International Airshow wearing General Dynamics markings. [Photo Ed Groenendijk]
  • 302
    RNoAF F-16B block 1 #302 still without unit markings so factory fresh is seen on the static show at Ramstein AB on August 1st, 1980. [Photo by Ed Groenendijk]