Belgian Air Force F-16s

  • Rocourt dismantling complex

    Rocourt dismantling complex

  • Belgian deployment to Afghanistan

    Belgian deployment to Afghanistan

  • aaa.jpg
    Belgian AF F-16 pilot getting some air after a Red Flag mission [ photo]
  • aab.jpg
    BAF F-16B from the 1st Wing at Beauvechain/Bevekom AB [Photo by Joel Arijs]
  • aac.jpg
    BAF F-16A taking off from the snow covered Bevekom runway, throwing up a huge cloud of vapor. [Photo by Joel Arijs]
  • aad.jpg
    BAF F-16A #FA-115 "Ambiorix", the 350 Sqn anniversary bird [BAF photo by Antoine Roels]
  • aae.jpg
    Two Belgian F-16A Block 15 aircraft (#FA-91 and #FA-94) in special color schemes to celebrate the 40th birthday of the 23rd Devil and 31st Tiger sqn. Belgian F-16s have a drag chute fairing which was later used to house the Carapace ECM system. [BAF photo by Antoine Roels]
  • aag.jpg
    BAF #FA-25 was adorned with this splendid Spitfire color scheme to commemorate 50 years of 349 squadron [BAF photo by Antoine Roels]
  • aah.jpg
    The Spit-16 (#FA-25) between the clouds. [BAF photo by Antoine Roels]
  • aai.jpg
    The special painting for 50 years of 349 squadron in 1992 (#FA-25). The aircraft was later stored at Weelde AFB. [BAF photo by Antoine Roels]
  • aaj.jpg
    The tell-tale black radome identifies F-16A #FA-14 as a Block 1 aircraft. It was part of the first batch of F-16s delivered to the Belgian Air Force from 1979 to 1980. It is seen here armed with 4 AIM-9P Sidewinders. [LMTAS photo]
  • aak.jpg
    1 Sqn BAF (based at Florennes) F-16A #FA-111 in 75th anniversary scheme at Beauvechain AB in September of 1992. [ photo]
  • aal.jpg
    BAF #FA-112 of the 2nd wing, with a day-glo dummy sidewinder attached to the wingtip [ photo]
  • aam.jpg
    Line-up of Belgian F-16s at Nellis with Davis-Monthan based C-130 on finals [ photo]
  • aan.jpg
    A BAF F-16A is strolling by the camera at Nellis AFB during a Red Flag mission in 1997. [ photo]