F-16 Accidents

Battle damage to the bottom of the intake for F-16C block 40 #88-0488 of the 4th TFS during Desert Storm. [Photo by Patrick McGee]


  • Anonymous on 2005-Apr-24 21:24:37 Anonymous said


    This 4 TFS "Fightin Fuujin" aircraft was hit over Baghdad by an SA-3 (pilot's video and screaming flight lead confirm it). The jet took severe frag damage and was piloted by Capt Tim Bopp. He flew the severely damaged Viper all the way back to Dharhan, Saudi Arabia. The aircraft came back to Hill AFB UT in a crate.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Jun-02 18:23:44 Anonymous said


    Even though this is an "electric" jet, it can still tae a lot of punishment. In fact, being an FBW aircraft probably helped.
  • Tom Smith (USAF Retired) on 2008-Jul-06 17:55:51 Tom Smith (USAF Retired) said

    Wrong Tail #

    I'm about 100% positive this picture is actually the left intake of 88-0495, because I was there as part of 495's recovery team.
  • Tailflash on 2008-Aug-26 18:36:57 Tailflash said

    Wrong Tail Number (verified)

    Yup, F-16CG 88-0495. 'Was packed-n-crated and shipped to OO-ALC; rebuilt at 649 CLSS. I have one of the panels with SAM damage as a souvenir. 'Aircraft is now a wing (or squadron) flag ship in 388th FW.
  • Mike L on 2012-Jun-04 09:04:59 Mike L said

    The photo is correct as-labeled

    Actually, this one IS 88-0488. I was assigned to the 4th when this happened. I don't recall where it landed initially, somewhere in Saudi. It was field repaired and flown back to al Minhad, where we inspected it thoroughly. It was eventually cleared for a one-time flight back to OO-ALC. The fuselage damage was from anti-aircraft fire.

    88-0495 was hit (at a different time) by an SA-3, and was returned in crates, but this photo is definitely 88-0488.

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #88488

    Sustained battle damage to the bottom of the intake. Repaired by SABCA and returned to the United States on January 22, 1992. The 4th TFS had already been changed to the 4th FS by this time.

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