F-16 Accidents

USAF F-16C block 30 #86-0282 of the 80th FS at Kunsan AB, Korea. The aircraft was being towed on June 21st, 2004 from a washing area called a "birdbath" when the right wing hit some of the "birdbath" structure. [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2004-Dec-23 20:59:26 Anonymous said

    dustin stewart

    I was at has 43 when this happened with a fellow crew cheif when he said look. We heard a big metal twisting boom and saw the jet pivot to the right and fall in the grass on foxtrot.
    The tow team was just over to the right by 2 feet too much. It tore up the leading edgeflap pretty good. i never got close enough to see the rest.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Feb-09 10:53:04 Anonymous said


    I was there the damage was severe, a complete right wing change. The nose landing gear was pushed through the intake. The poor guy that was in the jet has a herniated disk. Oh yeah, see that little guy next to the guy in red suspenders.....he was driving!
  • Anonymous on 2005-Feb-22 12:58:43 Anonymous said


    I always knew that jet was trouble, I left the 80th just before this happend, that guy driving was my expiditer for about 2 weeks.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-23 20:29:40 Anonymous said


    I was their from N0V. 03-04 when that happened. I knew alot of the crew chiefs there. If I remember right, I think it was a problem with the breaks or something like that. Either way it was an unfortunate for everyone that day. Even for us vehicle maintainers
  • Anonymous on 2005-May-04 02:08:04 Anonymous said


    That jet ended up havging to have the wing leading edge changed and a 96 percent right landing gear change and about 15 percent on the left. Also the nose was for the most part destroyed and the jet is still in service today and has made proud falcon here. 282 still has some flight control problems about every week. The jet is just not the same
  • Anonymous on 2005-May-10 14:38:53 Anonymous said

    Rick Pumphrey (rickpump76)

    I am the guy who tore the jet apart and put it back together. R2 the right wing and leading edge, sta. 9 launcher, the entire nose gear and door, pulled the MLG to replace all the bushings..part of the hard landing/over G insp. Also R2 the motor, radome, and numerous panels on the front of the airframe, not to mention the assymetry and alignment check and all other ops ck's that went along with all of the parts I changed. Also the NLG retract actuator punched a 3in diameter hole in the intake....any other comments you can e-mail me.
  • Anonymous on 2005-May-19 12:04:32 Anonymous said


    wow rick, you changed alllll those parts by yourself?! you're the man!
  • Anonymous on 2005-Sep-10 01:01:06 Anonymous said


    Good Job Rick!! That almost makes up for the year you ruined christmas for the 4 of us when you dropped the garloc seal inside the ADG. Ha! When we goin fishin?
  • Anonymous on 2005-Sep-10 01:03:50 Anonymous said


    Hey - cut the guy a break, he coulda turned left and put her down in the binjo - then rick would have had to clean all the crapwater off the jet, too.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Sep-30 02:53:34 Anonymous said


    that bird bath had been there for a long damn time at least since 1989 and no one ever came close to it, but they did cut it down shortly after this happend.
  • Anonymous on 2006-Jan-18 09:47:39 Anonymous said


    I'm an avionics guy that crewed this jet as an Asst. CC while I was at the Kun and we won Proud Falcon Sept. 99 with her. It hurts to see it in this condition at least she went back together.
  • texasranger26 on 2006-May-29 04:30:17 texasranger26 said

    Oooops, i didnt see the bird bath!!!!!!

    I was stationed at the KUN from Feb 04 to Feb 05. I was in Engine run class when this happened, and know that the Tsgt. driving blamed the brake rider and the tow supervisor (my troop) for everything.

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #86282

    The aircraft was being towed from the Foxtrot taxiway (next to the alternative runway) coming from the washing area called a "birdbath" when the right wing hit some of the "birdbath" structure. The TSgt who was driving for some reason swerved the aircraft towards the birdbath instead of keeping it in the center of the taxiway. The structure of the birdbath stuck on the right wing pulling it off the taxiway. Most of the damage was the result of the nose gear collapsing in contact with the soft ground

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